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Ray-Board was designed in Connecticut, USA

Copyright 2018, Patent Pending

How comfortable is your kickboard?

Ray-Board's shape moves efficiently through the water while keeping your arms, head, and shoulders in a relaxed and comfortable position.

Comfortable. Supportive. Ergonomic. Efficient. Stream-Lined

Competitive Swimmers

Long hours in the pool place large demands on your shoulders. Give them a break while you kick.


Have you been cheating on your swim workouts because you don’t like kicking drills. Maximize your pool time with Ray-Board.

Physical Therapy Patients

Put your arms, shoulders and neck in a relaxed position to make kicking more comfortable, and still getting the exercise you need.

A Better Solution

Ray-Board provides the support swimmers need to their upper body when kicking. Instead of skipping the kick sets, swimmers can focus on working their legs and core while maintaining a comfortable and pain-free body position.


What swimmers are saying

I usually feel pinching between my shoulder blades with I use a kickboard.  With this board, the pain immediately went away.

-a Swim Coach